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Trailer Repair and Parts

Riggs Trucking, your livestock transportation partner, also specializes in custom aluminum fabrication for all types of trailers. We offer full-service repair – from light damage to rollovers needing a rebuild – using OEM parts to ensure you get the best components. If your trailer has major damage we'll work directly with your insurance company.

We understand it’s essential that you have quality, working trailers so our experienced crew is here for you every step of the way. You can also rely on us for general maintenance, such as tire repair/replacement, brakes, cam jobs, grease, and more.

We have a great relationship with Wilson Trailer Sales of Minnesota and can help connect you to parts or service if we are not able to meet your needs.

Riggs Trucking is proud to also work with
Van Der Zwaag Customs
712-441-1680 (Tyler)

Some of our projects at Riggs Trucking
Repairing a rollover
Hendrickson bushing replacement
Custom panels, or OEM to match your punch pattern

Custom built or OEM:

-Funnel gates

-Bull bars


-Extend existing   ramps




-Sort panel 

-Paddle hangers

-Cut to order  

 winter panels

-Bio doors

-Sprinkler   systems

-Add another   level of deck …   or two

Warranty work on a Wilson hopper
Repairing nose floor
Any type of trailer
Making a panel box out of two small tool boxes.
Installing a winter kit