Photo Gallery

 1991- 1979 Pure Mack ValueLiner. 
1993 - 1987 377 Pete.

  This is one of our 4 decks which allow us to load and unload the top decks without needing a chute raised to the doghouse. It has an internal ramp to load 4th deck yet capable of holding pigs on during the trip, so we do not lose any sq. ft. It is easier for the driver and farm personel, as well as the pigs. This type of trailer has been a big hit among drivers and customers. All deck and top ramp  is removable and stored in trailer.


Our long haul four deck trailers are 50 feet or 53 feet (3-4-2). They run the 48 states and Canada.

48 ft three decks also used for long hauls in 48 states and Canada.

All trailers have at least belly deck (even the quads).

All trailers have winter kits.

All trailers are spec’d with livestock/driver friendly options which include: long pull-out ramps (most are 10 1/2 feet) with minimum step at top; extended ramp into belly; ⅔ wide counterbalance; ¾ or full doghouses; and funnel gates.

The signature look of a W-9 is timeless
35 trucks in line loading in Idaho 
The guys takin a break in Saskatchewan. 
The 'sponsor's choice" award at Sheldon Iowa Truck Show, in 2013 went to our 2013 W900L.  Oddly, the event sponsor was Sioux City Peterbilt.